8 minutes, audiovisual essay.
Created by: Marta Lallana, Sandra García.
Based on the books: “The Cinema or The Imaginary Man” by
Edgar Morin and “Profanations” by Giorgio Agamben.

Doble Posmoderno: El Yo Social  

“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”
Andy Warhol.


The human being has a fundamental anthropological need: to project himself. When he observes himself, he can not avoid a first moment of strangeness. As Agamben says, "there is an interval between the perception of the image and the recognition of it". This interval begins to grow once our image becomes independent of us.

If the mirror reflection is perpetuated to obey us eternally, enslaved to our present time, our movements and our aging, photography generates a life of its own.Photography gives us a perpetual, immovable look that has not changed with us over time, an embalmed moment. This look, which no longer belongs to us, will gain even more vitality by adding the time factor with the birth of cinema.

The Internet ends up confirming this double life of the image, which is launched into a space of ones and zeros where the global and informed mass of anonymous users can retouch it, change it, and generate new contexts, until it becomes a new image.

However, the drive to generate images of ourselves seems to have intensified. The democratization of photographic technology, entails the multiplication of images of oneself that are taken and thrown into the abyss of the network. The greater distance between them and us makes them even more hypnotic.

When companies under a capitalist system burst into the Internet (a place born under maxims close to anarchism), hierarchy becomes necessary. And the organization of a totally democratized media, flooded by the masses, can no longer be “exclusivity” (parameter of quality meter in the previous paradigm). The new order of things makes a new canon necessary. Because the Internet is a mass medium, the new way of measuring quality (if you can still use this word), goes through “popularity”.And it is the company that, based on a rigorous and constant study of the medium, selects the most popular person-products arising from the anonymous mass and highlighted by the number of visits, likes..., giving them greater visibility so they can become even more popular. Is this way how money begins to generate the new canon.


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