90 minutes, drama.
Produced by: Nanouk Films.
Directed by: Marta Lallana and Ivet Castelo
in colaboration with Iván Alarcón, Sandra García.

"Paula, a thirteen year old girl, starts to experience certain complications in the relationships with her family and friends. In order to be with her ill grandmother, which she barely knows, she spends the summer in Ojos negros. There she will meet Alicia, a girl her age, who also stays in town for the summer. Together they will venture into the adult world through a stifling summer that never ends."

Our film talks about the acceptance of life cycles, hence, about the end. About how we suddenly become aware of the course of time when we grow up. It is an individual process, unique for each person, but at the same time universal and known to everyone. We aim to express a true portrait of these moments, which is why we use our own experiences and sensations and combine them with those of our young main actresses: Julia Lallana and Alba Alcaine.