2023, Drama, 70’ 
Written and directed by: Marta Lallana
Original Soundtrack by: Raül Refree
Produced by: Corte y Confección 


Constantina and Irene have become the last guardians of a centuries-old oral tradition doomed to disappear. A musician tries to find them and undertakes a journey where life moves forward and shows the fragility of everything that surrounds us.

The female protagonists of this film are some of the last living bearers of the Asturian oral tradition. This tradition is made up of songs, romances and knowledge that are more than 500 years old and have survived through the oral memory of our ancestors.

When I first travelled to Asturias to meet them, I realised that only a few traces of this other life remained. I was fascinated by the beauty of the urgency, and what drove me to undertake this project was the will to portray these women, to film their identity before it is irrevocably forgotten. There are few things that can save us from losing our collective memory, but cinema is definitely one of them.

GRAND JURY PRIX - Shanghai International Film Festival
BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY - Shanghai International Film Festival


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